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LEXION 770-750
LEXION 770-750


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  • Excellent work
  • LEXION 770-750
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Press release

An entire tractor life in four weeks

Two new test-benches costing 6.5 million euros have been installed at the CLAAS Testing and Validation Centre in Trangé, France, making it one of the most modern and capable facilities in the European agricultural machinery sector. CLAAS Tractor gave the international trade press a unique look behind the scenes at its Research & Development department to mark the commissioning of the new facilities.

Press release

Two new models add variety to range

The AXION 800 tractor model series from CLAAS will be supplemented by two new models in time for the SIMA 2015 trade fair. With the new 800 and 820 models, CLAAS is introducing new additional functions and equipment options across the range and, with the AXION 800 model, which has a power output of 205 hp, CLAAS now offers an additional tractor model between the ARION 600 and AXION 800 model series.

Press release

SIMA 2015: Gold medal and special mention for CLAAS

The winners of the SIMA Innovation Awards 2015 were announced on 27 November 2014. CLAAS won an impressive two awards: the completely new PANORAMIC cab concept of the ARION 400 tractor, which was launched last year and reached the final round of the "Tractor of the Year 2015" competition, was the recipient of one of two gold medals.

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