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From the idea to the finished tractor – an action-packed look behind the scenes

How much skill and expertise lies behind a CLAAS tractor? And what development stages does it take to get from the initial idea to the finished high-tech product? This is now revealed on the new CLAAS Tractor website

In short videos and interviews, CLAAS employees and farmers provide fascinating background information and give personal insights into every stage of tractor planning, development and manufacture.

Full-size models in composite material

On the new CLAAS Tractor website, tractor enthusiasts can, for example, learn how CLAAS developers actively consult farmers and contractors in advance and incorporate their wishes and requirements into the planning of new models. The website also gives unique insights into the development phase, during which engineers develop new tractor concepts on the computer before creating full-size models in composite material. The new tractors designed on the basis of these models are tested and further optimised by farmers and contractors all over the world. The complex CLAAS validation process is also explained on the website. It shows, for example, how new tractor series are subjected to endurance testing under extreme loads at the CLAAS Testing Centre near Le Mans.

How do we build a customised CLAAS tractor?

The making-of videos also show how CLAAS manages to build every tractor individually to meet specific customer requirements, making each one unique. A look at production reveals how cabs are fitted with instrument panels, the braking system and other assembly groups on a 200 metre long assembly line, how axles, transmissions and other important components are made, and how the paint shop operates.

All this information about the making of CLAAS tractors is now available at and as an app at