LEXION 780-740

Built on experience.

When real-world requirements and experience are combined with the latest research findings, the result is a machine which impresses on every count. We've listened to you and have designed a machine that is tailored precisely to your needs. The new LEXION.

CLAAS combine harvesters | LEXION 780-740.

How you benefit.

LEXION Product Tour App - Now available in the Store.

The Product Tour app takes you on a virtual walkaround of the LEXION and highlights all the new technical features in detail. You can experience the LEXION from every angle and also take in a 360° operator's-eye view from the cab.

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LEXIONDrum width
Rotor sieves
Grain tank
EngineMaximum engine power (ECE R 120) (kW/hp)
7801700612800 (13500 TERRA TRAC)Mercedes-Benz OM 473 LA460 / 626
7701700511500 (13500 TERRA TRAC)Mercedes-Benz OM 473 LA430 / 585
7601420511000 (9000 MONTANA)Perkins 2206F370 / 503
7501420510000 (11000 TERRA TRAC, 9000 MONTANA)Mercedes-Benz OM 470 LA320 / 435
7401420510000Mercedes-Benz OM 470 LA300 / 408

Further technical data for LEXION 780-740 can be found in the download area.

LEXION 780-740

Unique APS threshing system.

Only CLAAS offers this outstanding, high performance patented system. The decisive competitive edge of CLAAS can be seen well before the threshing drum. The significantly increased acceleration of the crop flow from 3 m/s to 20 m/s triggers a chain of extremely efficient processes. more...

LEXION 780-740

The APS HYBRID SYSTEM. Threshing technology from CLAAS.

With its effective residual grain separation system, crop flow speeds 10 times faster between the rotors and concaves and the high centrifugal force, the LEXION with the APS HYBRID SYSTEM offers separation qualities that differ fundamentally from straw walkers. more...

LEXION 780-740

CLAAS 4D-cleaning system.

The new 4D-cleaning system adjusts the rotor flaps and the fan speed on the basis of the transverse and longitudinal tilt as well as the current load on the cleaning system. The uphill and downhill halves of the rotor flap segments are opened or closed automatically, as required. This is particularly useful for ensuring a constant throughput when working in undulating terrain. more...

LEXION 780-740

NEW: 12-metre Controlled Traffic system.

Complementing the VARIO 1230 cutterbar used for the 12-metre Controlled Traffic system, the corresponding grain tank discharge auger tube for the LEXION 780, 770, 760 and 750 TERRA TRAC models is now available. During on-road travel, the rear section of the grain tank discharge auger tube is simply retracted. more...



Each individual component is engineered to perform optimally as part of the overall machine system.