Precision farming

Precision farming enables you to optimise yield potential while reducing costs

Precision farming

Precision farming enables you to optimise yield potential while reducing costs


The optimum yield.

Every area of a field is different. An economically and ecologically targeted crop nutrition system needs precise information: How much nitrogen is currently being supplied to my crops? How should I utilise the yield potential? And how much fertiliser should I apply at each site? One thing is clear: an optimum nitrogen supply is a key factor in determining yield and quality. But identifying the right application for each area is a real challenge.

The ISARIA CROP SENSOR is a tool which optimises the application of N fertilisers, growth regulators and pesticides in different crops. It is operated via the CEBIS MOBILE or any other ISOBUS terminal. The sensors which carry out optical measurement on the ISARIA CROP SENSOR are installed on the arms. A higher level of accuracy is achieved by looking at individual plants, from above rather than from the side.

To calculate the optimum application rate, a control curve is established by carrying out a calibration pass in the field. A calibration pass is not necessary if the winter wheat fertiliser module is used. The map overlay system provides correction of the target value based on different yield potential zones. The result: higher yields and better quality while optimising application rates and protecting the environment.

Flexible and easy to use.

The ISARIA CROP SENSOR can be used on any tractor thanks to its universal aluminium frame. ISOBUS technology and the ISOBUS display make it easy to operate and it is suitable for use during the daytime or at night. A serial interface means that it can also be used to control older application systems.

Highly accurate measurements.

Top results. Thanks to direct measurements taken above the crop and data comparison against long-term reference values, the ISARIA CROP SENSOR achieves significantly better and more accurate results in terms of nutrient supply. Growth is recorded right down to site level and can also be used to assess the productive capacity of crops.

Robust mechanical systems.

Easy to install. All modules and components are perfectly coordinated and designed for reliability even when faced with tough working conditions. The ISARIA CROP SENSOR is easily fitted onto the front hydraulics within a few minutes. There is no need for complex data cable installation.

Technical features.

  • Can be used whatever the light level
  • Up to 500 measurements per second
  • Proximity to plants gives highly accurate measurements
  • Current nitrogen supply is measured
  • Accurate representation of nutrition status
  • Application system can be controlled by ISOBUS or serially
  • No calibration required (when a fertiliser module is used)
  • Easy to install
  • Aluminium frame for ease of handling
  • Versatile
  • Simple operation
  • Accurate documentation
  • Protects the environment