CARGOS 9600-9400

Brimming with experience.

The new CARGOS 9000 with up to 50 m3 ((DIN) load volume.

CLAAS dual-purpose wagon | CARGOS 9600-9400.

CARGOS 9600-9400

The new CARGOS 9000 with up to 50 m3 (DIN) load volume.

  1. Stable structure with 8-mm-thick and 300-mm-high C profile
  2. Slimline drawbar with a wide pickup
  3. Automatic articulating drawbar control
  4. Hydraulically driven pick-up
  5. Removable loading and cutting assembly
  6. Powerful rotor that protects the forage
  7. Scraper floor drive on both sides
  8. Removable metering roller module
  9. Modular tandem or tridem running gear with parabolic or hydraulic suspension
  10. Tyre sizes available up to 710/50 R 30.5
CARGOS 9600-9400

EFFICIENT FEEDING SYSTEM (EFS) with 500-mm lowering of the scraper floor for exceptional feed quality in conjunction with fuel-efficient loading.

CLAAS twin knives with adjustable knife pre-tensioning.

CARGOS 9600-9400

Convenient knife changing while standing, thanks to lowerable chopper housing and hydraulic pivoting scraper floor.

Mechanical or hydraulic tridem running gear, either with steered or electrohydraulic positive steering.