QUANTUM loader wagons

Fully loaded.

QUANTUM loader wagons are the perfect harvesting aids when a high work rate and superior forage qualities are required. With loading volumes from 28 to 37 cubic metres, there's the right machine for every farm or business.

CLAAS forage harvesting | QUANTUM loader wagons – the benefits for you.

  • Loader wagons for contractors, as well as for independent farms with their own equipment
  • Load capacity from 28 m³ to 37 m³
  • 33 knives for optimal chop quality
  • Tyres up to 22.5" protect the ground and ensure safety on the road
  • Metering rollers, available as optional equipment, ensure forage is evenly layered in the clamp
  • The controls are conveniently operated via the ISOBUS or the CLAAS CONTROL TERMINAL


                     Load volumePick-up clearing widthNo. of knivesShortest theoretical chop length

Availability varies according to country.

QUANTUM forage wagon

Solidly built.

The QUANTUM has been built for for heavy-duty, continuous operation. Accordingly, a solid construction is essential. The large longitudinal body member supporting solid uprights provides the necessary strength, enabling peak torsional forces to be absorbed at all times.

QUANTUM forage wagon

High throughput.

With a diameter of 860 mm, the rotor pushes the crop towards the loading bay at constant power output.


Blockages can be easily removed from the comfort of the cab. All you need to do is widen the feed channel by 80 mm, by using the hydraulics.

QUANTUM forage wagon

Safe and reliable.

Tandem axles from BPW ensure safety and comfort both when loading and on the road. Depending on the model, these allow high load capacities of 11–20 tonnes.

QUANTUM forage wagon

Even layering.

The use of metering rollers allows the crop to be layered evenly on the clamp. This significantly reduces the effort of distributing the crop.

QUANTUM forage wagon


On QUANTUM 5700–4700 machines, all functions are executed via the COMMUNICATOR II. On QUANTUM 3800–3500 machines, operation is via the CLAAS CONTROL TERMINAL.


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