AXION 870-800

Speaks for itself.

Often, the most impressive things are those that don't need to be explained. That you can literally experience and understand without help. These things impress us from within – all the time. The AXION 870–800 series has all these qualities.

CLAAS Tractors | AXION 870-800. Your benefits.

  • Three versions available: CIS, CEBIS and CMATIC
  • FPT engines for high performance and low fuel consumption
  • Fully powershifted HEXASHIFT transmission with HEXACTIV powershift unit or continuously variable CMATIC transmission
  • Up to seven spool valves and 150 l/min hydraulic capacity
  • GPS PILOT with S10 and S7 touchscreen terminal
  • Agricultural trade journalists from 20 European countries have also recognised its strengths and voted the AXION 850 "Tractor of the Year® 2014".

AXION 800 Product Tour app - Now available for the iPad in the App Store.

The Product Tour app takes you on a virtual walkaround of the AXION 870-800 and highlights all the new technical features in detail. You can experience the AXION from every angle and also take in a 360° operator's-eye view from the cab.

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AXION 870-800
  1. Seven models with a maximum output of 205 to 264 PS1 and up to 1,132 Nm torque
  2. Visctronic electronic fan control
  3. Stage IV (Tier 4) FPT engine: with: 4-valve technology, high-pressure common rail injection, intercooler and turbocharger with variable geometry turbo (VGT), fully integrated SCR system and DOC (diesel oxidation catalytic converter)
  4. Structural frame for the engine with integral engine oil sump, specially developed by CLAAS
  5. Integrated front linkage or continuously variable CMATIC transmission
  6. 1000 ECO PTO
  7. Integrierter Frontkraftheber with position control, front PTO, hydraulic connection and external controls
  8. Driver's seats with active suspension and ventilation
  9. GPS PILOT automatic steering system

1 In accordance with ECE R 120


Maximum output (hp) ECE R 120295264250235225215205
Torque (Nm)1276113210711016987941


*Availability varies according to country

NEW: Colour CIS display in the A-pillar

AXION 870-800

The modern design of the 7-inch colour CIS display on the A-pillar provides the driver with full information about the transmission, electronic spool valves and F buttons. This colour CIS display shows the settings in the lower part of the screen. The logical, menu-guided interface and clear symbols make navigation very simple. more...

AXION 870-800

CEBIS version. Simply ingenious.

CEBIS version with multifunction armrest, CMOTION and six electronic spool valves. more...

AXION 870-800

CIS version. Ingeniously simple.

CIS version with multifunction armrest, DRIVESTICK and mechanical spool valves. more...

AXION 870-800

Protects both driver and machine. The suspension.

PROACTIV front axle suspension, suspended front and rear linkage, 4-point cab suspension and extremely comfortable seat. more...

AXION 870-800

CMOTION. All functions in hand.

Unique CMOTION multifunction control lever – less work for the driver thanks to the three-finger control concept. more...

* Some models are not available in all countries. Please refer to your CLAAS dealer's price list.


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