AXOS 340-310

A true friend and partner.

The AXOS is a machine for daily use. With its compact dimensions, it delivers enormous flexibility for a wide variety of jobs.

AXOS 340-310. The benefits.

  • Forward-opening doors (180°) can be locked into position
  • Engines from 75 to 102 hp with turbocharger and internal exhaust gas recirculation
  • Integrated front linkage
  • Short overall length and tight turning circle
  • Two models: C and CX
  • Four transmission versions
AXOS 340-310
AXOS 340-310
AXOS 340-310

It's exactly what we want.

A true friend and partner, a reliable companion ready to assist in any situation – agility, flexibility, durability and patience are the hallmarks of the AXOS. With its unbounded energy and thirst for action, the AXOS is ready to go to work at a moment's notice. The verdict is unanimous – a truly indispensable machine.

The AXOS from CLAAS.

The smaller the tractor, the more versatile it needs to be. Particularly in power ranges of up to 100 hp, farmers are looking for a compact machine that can tackle any kind of job encountered on the farm.

With this in mind, CLAAS has developed a tractor that is the product of all our company's diverse expertise and experience. We understand the needs of farmers and operators, and have brought to market a formidable tractor reflecting their hopes and aspirations. You too will be delighted by the result.