Press Release

CLAAS VARIO 1230 and 1080 cutterbars with enhanced features

CLAAS has updated its VARIO 1230 and 1080 wide working width cutterbars and both models will incorporate a number of new features for 2017.

The new VARIO cutterbars are primarily designed for harvesting grain and rape seed and are characterised by their particularly high level of operating efficiency and rate of work across a wide range of yields. During ongoing development, the main focus was placed on increased throughput, a higher level of flexibility and greater comfort for the operator.

Variable table length across a 700 mm sliding range

As on the smaller VARIO cutterbars, the table length of the 1230 and 1080 models is fully adjustable. The variable table position extends from −100 mm to 600 mm. The operator can easily change the table length using the ground speed control lever and adjust it at any time to suit short- or long-stalk grains and other crops such as rape seed. Even when harvesting dense crops, a steady crop flow can be achieved by selecting the right table length.

VARIO 1230

Divided header auger and reel

Due to the large 12.30 m and 10.80 m working widths of both VARIO models, the header auger and reel are divided and centrally mounted. This guarantees quiet and, most importantly, stable operation, even in difficult working conditions involving damp or dense crops, or during the challenging harvest of rape seed. Furthermore, the header auger and reel are especially strong, thereby ensuring a continuously high throughput.

Divided header auger and reel

Divided finger bar with double-sided drive

One notable advantage of the VARIO cutterbar is the high-quality drive technology used for the header auger and finger bar. Both are mechanically driven through a gearbox and universal drive shaft. In addition to the reel and auger, the finger bar is also divided and has a double-sided, synchronous drive from both left and right. This guarantees very smooth running and stability in all harvest conditions, which contributes to the VARIO models' high rate of work. Both finger bars overlap at the centre of the cutterbar, thereby enabling a clean cut along the full working width.

The VARIO 1230 and 1080 models can be used with all CLAAS combine harvesters from the LEXION range and will be available for the 2017 harvest season.