New LINER features.

Forage quality is one of our top priorities.

New Features – Forage Harvesting Machines

We love what we do – every field we work in, every screw we manufacture, and every harvest we gather in. We love our work, even when it's anything but child's play – for the most part, it's pretty hard work, whether in French Brittany or on a Bavarian alpine meadow.

It's a good thing that hard work is our speciality – because, although CLAAS machines are many things, they're workhorses first and foremost. And that title isn't earned in just one day, but rather each and every day – with high performance, a long service life, easy handling, and with intelligent ideas that may not eliminate the hard work entirely, but at least make it a whole lot easier.

The innovative rotor suspension above a stable ball coupling mount ensures both a large oscillation angle and stability. A large operating space enables three-dimensional ground-contour following that is independent of the main chassis and its motion. The grass cover is protected and the forage stays clean.

Ideal weight distribution: the high-volume tyres on the main running gear give the LINER a wide track and a maximum contact area. This means that the weight is distributed optimally, and the soil is protected. The chassis provides the greatest stability on slopes, and on roads it enables high speeds of up to 50 km/h.

The running gear: the four-wheel or the six-wheel rotor chassis optimally guides the swather over the ground. The self-tracking wheels at the front rotor and in front of the rear rotor guarantee perfect soil protection. On hilly terrain, the fixed wheels at the back at the rear rotor serve to stabilise the LINER. This means they work cleanly – both on slopes and on even ground.

The original: all tines are not created equal. The material is important, as is the tine thickness. The tine must also be robust, yet flexible. It must gather up and transport the grass cleanly, without taking any dirt with it. This is achieved with a 9.50-mm tine thickness and a 10° angle at the lower end of the tine. The grabbing tine works reliably in all working conditions.


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