NEXOS 240-210

Ready for anything.

When it comes to narrow-width tractors, customers are very discerning and their needs are highly specific. Since plantations, operators and implements cannot adapt to the tractor, the tractor itself must offer a particularly extensive range of product types, a broad selection of tyres, many equipment options and, last but not least, excellent performance.

NEXOS F-FB-VL-VE. Your benefits.

  • Four models: F, FB1, VL and VE, with outputs of 72 to 101 hp
  • Hydraulic pump capacity of 85 l/min or optional combined pump capacity of 111 l/min with 3-pump hydraulic circuit
  • Four transmission variants, optionally with electrohydraulic REVERSHIFT reverser and TWINSHIFT two-stage powershift transmission
  • Front linkage with optional integrated front PTO available ex factory

However the machine is used, whether for lifting, cultivating or transporting produce, whether PTO or hydraulically driven, or whether deployed in orchards or vineyards, the tractor must be up to any challenge – ready for anything, at any time. To address these requirements, CLAAS has developed the NEXOS series:

  • Four variants: F, FB1, VL and VE, with minimum overall widths of 1.46 m, 1.40 m, 1.26 m and 1.00 m respectively
  • Four models: 240, 230, 220 and 210, developing  101, 88, 78 and 72 hp
  • Hydraulic circuit with output of up to 111 l/min

The NEXOS – meets every challenge.

1 The NEXOS FB is not available in all countries. Please refer to your CLAAS dealer's price list.